painting THE Wood

You might think aside from walking and maybe riding a bike, painting wood would be a close third in the "things that are really easy to do" category. This might be the case if the wood you are painting is attached to an old barn. When setting out to paint wood, however, you have a couple of options: do it well or do it sloppy. You should strive to do the best you can because you can paint wood as well as any professional.

what you should know about Walnut

It’s really easy to look at a pile of walnut and assume it’s low in quality because walnut, the poor guy, has a lot of characteristics that you don’t find in other woods. That means even the best grade of walnut comes with appearance flaws and defects. Walnut is just different. Building projects out of walnut means doing more cutting, arranging and flipping of your boards than you might be used to.

Inside the Wood: unveiling the mystery

The tree had been down for years. I have a hard time identifying trees, but I knew this was a cherry tree by the look of its bark. Scattered along this otherwise flawless limb were several unsightly growths—the burls I had been searching for. This downed cherry tree was only about six inches at its widest diameter and I could see at least four burls in it of various sizes. I began cutting.