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Painting the Wood: Top Tips from Our Craftsmen (Part 1)

You might think aside from walking and maybe riding a bike, painting wood would be a close third in the "things that are really easy to do" category. This might be the case if the wood you are painting is attached to an old barn. When setting out to paint wood, however, you have a couple of options: do it well or do it sloppy. You should strive to do the best you can, so with a little patience and a good technique, you can paint wood as well as any professional.

Take your time to prepare the wood for painting. This is probably the most overlooked part of painting wood, and in many ways is the most critical. Your work is only as good as the canvas upon which your creation takes life. Paint will not fill in cracks, dents, holes or other imperfections in the wood and keep them hidden after it dries. In fact, those imperfections will probably be even more apparent. The second step requires removing old paint from the wood you work with. If the wood you want to paint has paint already on it, you’ll want to remove that paint before adding a new coat.


Painting woodwork so it has a flawless, glossy sheen is challenging. In this article, we tried to show you some techniques and tricks that are required to produce the top-notch result.

For great painted woodwork, good surface preparation and good brushing technique are essential. We'll show you how to accomplish both plus what to add to the paint to help it lie smoother. However, here we listed only the basics of preparation for painting, read more in our forthcoming posts. If you would like to submit your own article or have a topic for discussion please contact me personally or leave your suggestions in comments below.

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Rita Black

Thank you for such an interesting article! I wasn’t sure how to begin painting the wood for the benches, but now I know what I should do. Hope to read more about it in your future articles, they are amazing!

John Richardson

Completely agree with you! WoodWorks not just offer great renovation and woodworking services, they also write captivating stories in their blog and share new techniques with their readers.

Tom Smith

I would like to add something to the previous comment. WoodWorks is a perfect place if you want to have your furniture examined and fixed by certified specialists and technicians.

April Johnson

I have been painting wood for the first time and it has been a challenging experience for me! Every word written here is absolutely true, and I’m glad that now more people know about it.

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