2005, Kevin McDonald

Kevin McDonald was born and raised in the old community of Westgate, Calgary. Raised by two loving parents and a sister to boot, made for a childhood to match no other chapter. Some of his fondest memories and perhaps likely the source of his love for woodwork are times spent camping, fishing, boating, paddling and enjoying the simpler things nature has to offer. He credits his Father's sense of adventure for this. Kananaskis was our summer home. As adulthood started to take form the inevitable question arose "What will I be when I grow up?"

After much consideration, cabinetmaking due to its artistic,finite characteristics was what he landed on. After the purchase of his first home and five years apprenticing with "The Man", he decided commuting up and down Glenmore trail and being surrounded by concrete was no longer for him. So now his long arduous journey to work is 58' (he measured) and his surroundings are dominated by prairie grasses, wild flowers, shrubs, repairman areas, and Spruce/Pine/Aspen trees. It is with this canvass tha Kevin looks forward to forging genuine business relationships while creating one of a kind pieces with his customers.

I pride myself on providing a personalized service throughout the course of the project, with function, attention to detail and aesthetics in mind.