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San Diego Dancing Hall

This hall closed in the 1940s, around the start of World War II. A Western Auto store moved in downstairs, and the dance floor upstairs served as a storage room for several decades. After it had been purchased, nobody knew it was a dance hall.

Fortunately, much of the hall's original architectural features were intact. The original plank flooring, carved marble pillars and pressed tin ceilings were all in great shape, and the upstairs was virtually untouched.

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latest events

September 06

Full Home

This beautiful home had been neglected for years. Mold was taking hold, wallpaper was peeling, and the décor was woefully out of date. In 14 weeks we completely gutted the home.

September 15

Local Office
Interior Redesign

We have recently updated the interior of this office that belongs to one of the smal local companies. We painted the walls, replaced decks and updated the furniture.


October 06

Custom Furniture

Our goal in this project was to deliver a series of custom-made patio furniture for our regular customer. We also added some stylish wooden accessories to the exterior.

October 11

Complete Renovation of Historic Log Cabin

Working with an outside architect on this project, we were able to maintain the original character of the home while completely gutting and renovating the interior.

October 15

Luxury Dining Room

This project involved adding a full dining room apartment to the lower level of a well-built finished home. We were able to improve the inner space of this residential house.


November 01

Palma Superyacht
Show 2017

This project was challenging and included renovation of the kitchen with marble elements. We introduced some new custom-made furniture to improve the look of this kitchen.